2 years ago

Masoud Saffar

Masoud Saffar (calligrapher Artist) was born in 1983, Ferdows, Iran. He is a Member of the Association of Calligraphers of Iran and Member of Iranian Visual Arts Association. He was the first person at the National Student Art Literary of Iran in 1999. Solo Exhibitions:Holding more than 15 individual exhibitions in Iran. Group Exhibitions:Participate in more than […]
1 year ago

Seyed Javad Saberi

Javad Saberi, was born in September 1991 in Mashhad, and is graduated in graphic design, he is also a typeface designer and creator of Ashurai font. He started his professional activity in 2008. He was a student of great teachers such as Termeh Chi, Espahbodi, Sabaghian, Amirkhani, Ebadi and Khorasani. He was the executive secretary […]
Mohammad Hasan Daneshvar was born on May, 9th, 1996 in Mashhad; he is a graduate of architecture and a calligraphy artist. Solo and collective exhibitions: Rezvan Gallery (Results and Reports, collective exhibition) 2020 Hami Gallery (Online, collective exhibition) 2022 Picasso Gallery, Dubai (Dream of Freedom collective exhibition) 2022
2 years ago

Kazem Khorasani

Kazem Khorasani (calligrapher Artist) was born in 1976, Ferdows, Iran. He Graduated PhD in Art Research from Tehran University of Art. He is a member of the Association of Artists of Paris Solo Exhibitions:Holding 13 solo exhibitions  in all over the world. Group Exhibitions:Participate in more than 150 group exhibitions in Italy, France, Turkey, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Qatar, Bangladesh, and Lebanon