HICHAA Gallery was established based on its history of art studies and research and th experience of communication with outstanding artists of visual arts, making use of the opinions ofsuccessful experts in the recognition, critique, and examination of artworks, the experience of major and national projects in the creation and development of spaces.

The Gallery began its work with the aim of holding auctions of artworks belonging to young and leading artists and organizing international art exhibitions in order to introduce the genuine and modern Middle Eastern art, discovering the talent of young and emerging artists and providing an opportunity for introducing them internationally. Obviously some of the most important approaches of this Gallery are helping to grow the economy of art and artists, improving the quality of artistic spaces and improving the deep and effective connection between the art of artists and their audience.

HICHAA is interested in recognizing, buying, and introducing artwork with a variety of expression techniques and is more focused on painting, calligram, texture, volume and sculpture. HICHAA believes that the new ways of presenting works of art in the form of arrangement and performance has a tremendous effect on the transfer of the notions artists intend to express.

HICHAA Gallery is trying to become the most prestigious organizer of exhibition and auction of young and leading artists in the Middle East within the next three years.In the next seven years, HICHAA will be one of the top five institutions to introduce and sell the artworks of the world’s leading artists by relying on virtual and online spaces.

The founder of this Gallery, Mohsen Saraji, has an experience of artistic activities, including the artistic management of urban spaces, writing specialized books on urban art and the management of news media and analytical arts in the past ten years. This time, by the help of other artist colleagues in specialized councils of HICHAA Gallery, he has set great visions for the Gallery.

HICHAA Gallery believes it can be a good consultant for buying and selling your artworks. Furthermore, the art of HICHAA Gallery artists can make the quality of world and life spaces outstanding and more elevated.

HICHAA Gallery’s goals

  • Artwork presented in HICHAA is different.
  • Quality is more important than quantity in HICHAA.
  • Distinguished artworks are presented in HICHAA.
  • We guarantee repurchasing of the work sold to the buyer at the base price mentioned in the artwork’s ID card.
  • In HICHAA, artworks are sold with ID card and identity.
  • Buying the artwork is an investment with a reliable profitability
  • Artworks in HICHAA are one-of-a-kind.
  • You can experience an enjoyable and safe purchase of a work of art.
  • We gain the artist’s satisfaction and trust.
  • HICHAA has the ability to exhibit the works of artists at an international level.

Come join us.

Mohsen Saraji