Two artworks from the online exhibition "Meta Moment", which began on May 27th on the website of Hichaa Gallery and the Metaverse, have been sold.
In an innovative move, Hichaa Gallery has inaugurated its first online photo exhibition titled "Meta Moment". The exhibition, which is being held simultaneously on the Hichaa Gallery website and in the metaverse, provides an unparalleled opportunity for art lovers across Iran and the world to view 45 selected works by young and creative photographers.
"Meta Moment" is an exhibition of selected works from the " Ghahramanan Amusement Park" Photo Festival, which was held last summer and featured over 60 photographers. Of these artists, 19 photographers and 45 works were selected for the "Meta Moment" photo exhibition.
After a 10-minute competition between 4 clients, Gustav Klimt's final masterpiece (Woman with a Fan; 1917-18) recorded a new price for an artwork by Klimt at an auction and became the most valuable work of art ever sold in a European auction.
A Filipino collector who sought one of Juan Luna's forgotten paintings for over a decade now puts it on public display for the first time in 134 years. This internationally renowned artist played an important role in the Philippines' independence.
Iranian calligrapher artist introduced the Kufic script in the world's largest mobile library located on the Logos Hope cruise ship and a one-day workshop. Khabar Online reported that the event was held by the cultural and artistic department of the Logos Hope cruise ship in collaboration with Hatef Gallery.
The 17th Tehran auction for modern and contemporary Iranian art was held on July 23rd. Alireza SamiAzar, the manager of the Tehran auction, and a group of art collectors and artists participated at Parsian Azadi Hotel hosted by Hossein Pakdel.
Food Forever incorporates a series of large-scale contemporary art installations using the medium of art to highlight a different aspect of modern food consumption or production.
According to the public relations report of the visual arts center, a collective exhibition of paintings and calligraphy-painting entitled “Manifestation of The Look” curated by Ruhollah Manjezi will open in Tehran's Art Pavilion on Thursday, July 13 at 5:00 PM.
The Treasures of the Iran Calligraphy Museum is A book published by the Tehran City Beautification Organization in 2021.
The History of Art History in France is a book by Lynne Terin about the beginning of teaching art history and archeology in France, which tries to clarify aspects of the history of art history. Here is an extraction of its introduction:
This series of online exhibitions is called “Seeing Clearly". We invite all artists to showcase their artworks globally so that we can discover your thoughts and inspirational moments leading to the creation of artwork.
The public relations of the Visual Arts Center reported that The fourth Photo Festival of FIVE holds at the Museum of Contemporary Arts. On Thursday evening, June 22nd, the festival and commemoration of Abbas Kiarostami was held at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Tehran.
George Tooker was an American painter born in Brooklyn in 1920 and passed away in 2011. Enchanting, charming, and fascinating are the words that a critic uses to honor an artwork. However, they might sometimes mislead us. We have seen the accumulation of these adjectives in magical realism artworks. Nothing safe and comfortable can be found in this artwork by an American painter, George Tooker; It cannot even be said that this is a distinctive artwork.
The illustration competition, Art on Climate, is an international illustration competition that takes place around the world and aims to draw attention to action against climate change.
According to the public relations report of the visual arts center of the art field, an exhibition of visual arts in the fields of painting, calligraphy-painting, and volumetric works is being held in the Ragadid Gallery located in the Revolution Cultural and Sports Club of Tehran. The event is called Did Art and uses an innovative and new structure.
In this regard, in March 2023, Hichaa Gallery shared the idea of artworks as New Year's gifts to customers with Baran Construction Holding and it was well approved and appreciated by them.
Lesser-Known artworks from the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art treasures are on display to the audience in the exhibition “Hyper Realism: From Image to Reality”. According to the public relations of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, the exhibition “Hyper Realism: From Image to Reality” is being held displaying 32 works from the treasures of […]
The enchantment of letters and numbers on the canvas. A calligraphy-painting exhibition was held by students of Kazem Khorasani, a prominent artist from Ferdows, on May 6, at Rezvan Gallery. In this exhibition, the variety of methods shows the profound interest of his students in calligraphy- painting. Niloufer Hakimian, Maryam Etemadi, Saber Bekaian, Asal Ghasemi, […]
The Art Gallery of New South Wales today announced Julia Gutman as the winner of the 2023 Archibald Prize for her painting Head in the sky, feet on the ground. The oil-and-textile collage depicts her friend Australian vocalist Jessica Cerro, who performs under the name Montaigne. Gutman in a statement explained that she wanted her subject’s […]
New York–based installation artist Aki Sasamoto has been named the winner of this year’s Calder Prize. The honor, bestowed biannually on “a contemporary artist whose innovative work reflects the continued legacy of Calder’s genius,” is attended by a $50,000 award; a three-month residency at Atelier Calder, Alexander Calder’s former studio in Saché, France; and the placement […]
Authorities in Bulgaria discovered a hitherto-unknown painting by Jackson Pollock in the course of investigating an international art-trafficking ring. According to Bulgarian National Radio, which broke the story, Bulgarian Main Directorate officials were working with a Greek anti-crime unit organized under the Europol umbrella to break up the illegal business, which spanned from  the Sofia […]
German photographer Boris Eldagsen, who won the Creative category of the prestigious Sony World Photography Award, has refused the prize on the grounds that he used an artificial intelligence image generator to create his submission. The prizewinning “photo,” titled Pseudomnesia: The Electrician, depicts what Eldagsen characterized in his submission as “a haunting black-and-white portrait of […]
A bronze statue of “Pablo Picasso” on a bench is installed in the city of “Malaga” which depicts him in middle age with a notebook in hand. It is considered one of the integral parts of this city, like the sea. Although Picasso spent most of his adulthood in France, no artist of the 20th […]
Renaissance artists probably used egg yolks to protect their artwork. Scientists in a new study examining the artworks by “Leonardo da Vinci” and “Sandro Botticelli” found that they used this substance to protect their paintings from moisture and wrinkling. Researchers have also found that famous Renaissance painters such as da Vinci and Botticelli probably used […]
A work by Olafur Eliasson was installed on the coastline of England. Ólafur Eliasson is an Icelandic-Danish artist known for his large-scale sculptures and installations using materials such as light, water, and air temperature to enhance the viewer’s experience. Eliasson’s enormous artwork, recently installed in England, invites viewers to discover themselves and engages them in […]
Digital artist Beeple hosts the grand opening of the Charleston museum. The Charleston Museum (WCSC) is a new art gallery opening soon in South Carolina. This museum, which has attracted global attention, is an attempt to display digital art in a physical space. most people could only see Beeple’s art on digital devices so far. […]
Imagine being able to design a piece of furniture by touching just a button and test it in just a few hours!? This would become common practice sooner than we think; an era with 3D printing that opens a world of creative possibilities and goes beyond the boundaries of traditional design. Furniture is still based […]
The “Night and Day” exhibition includes two different collections of Kami’s new paintings displayed side by side. Portrait paintings which have been at the center of his activities for more than three decades, and another collection of his artworks entitled “Night” which has started since 2017. Each of Kami’s large-scale painted portraits depicts a single […]
From form and color to environmental concerns An exhibition at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Germany, examines the depiction of plants in visual arts. The exhibition “Green Modernism: A New Perspective on Plants” raises the question that what plants mean to human. This collection of artworks in the exhibition takes the audience to the beginning […]
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Love forever

A light on seven decades of professional life of the world’s best-selling living female artist Yayoi Kusama is the world’s best-selling living female artist who is still painting at the age of 93 in the mental health hospital where she has been living voluntarily since 1970s. Some of her latest artworks are on display alongside […]
Cuban sculptor Juan Francisco Elso weaved the spiritual traditions of Latin America and Afro-Caribbean in his work and inspired a movement. Juan Francisco Elso was born in Havana in 1956, three years before the Castro revolution, and grew up in a Roman-Catholic family. Being immersed in religious imagery and rituals predisposed him to a deep […]
The magic of 3D printing; the use of 3D printing technology has provided designers with many possibilities for designing and making various forms. Glowscape is a 3D printed installation that continuously emits a soft and warm glow as it interacts with its user. Designed as a part of a digital fabrication workshop between Southeast University […]
Crowdfunding Site means fundraising platform that people provide the necessary capital to start a new business or advance a specific project. In fact it is a community of sponsors that helps organizations and business or idea owners put their ideas into action. Some of the most successful international crowdfunding websites in 2022 include: There are […]
Faezeh Abadi Researcher and Planner Sir Thomas Herbert, who was traveling in Iran in the year 1627 together with the British ambassador, has stayed at a heavenly royal garden in Qazvin today known as Taj Abad. The garden was irrigated by a small creek filled by the Qanat; it is still in the same manner […]
Imagine an exhibition that not only is a two-dimensional space, but you can see the images on the walls, ceiling and floor and even feel the movement and the toch of brush on the canvas and the smell of paint, or walk through Van Gogh’s paintings. According to the definition of Cambridge dictionary, the word […]
The twenty-fourth annual of Parisian art event called Art Paris 2022 was held earlier this year, in April, at the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris. This year’s event, presented two main themes: “Art and Environment” and “Natural History”, and welcomed about 130 modern and contemporary art galleries from around twenty-three different European and non-European countries. […]
Concentrating on original Iranian and Middle Eastern art, Hichaa Gallery attempts to introduce and present mythological art in the works
The 14th Tehran auction was held at Parsian Azadi hotel presenting 120 Art works, with participation of a limited number