Guaranteed minimum price:

If, for any reason, the buyer of artworks is willing to sell the works purchased from the Gallery, the Gallery

determines the condition of artworks provided for the buyer and after a maximum of six months after selling the artworks, it buys the artworks for the minimum price mentioned in the identification card of the work

Identity Card and Certificate of Authenticity

What is a certificate of authenticity?
Today, in the contemporary art market, the authenticity of purchased works of art is one of the main concerns of the buyers. This certificate is an important document in which a detailed account of all the technical and artistic information related to the artwork is compiled. All works exhibited by HICHAA Gallery were first evaluated by a team of Iranian artists and, after confirmation of this group, the gallery guarantees the authenticity and quality of the purchased artwork by issuing an certificate of authenticity. It is strongly recommended that those interested in collecting artwork and investing in this field definitely obtain this certificate when purchasing a artwork.

The importance of certificate of authenticity;
Certificate of authenticity is a reliable document of superior quality and originality of an artwork. Having this certificate is an advantage for buyers of artworks, because the information provided in this certificate will help manage an art collection. Having this certificate, the buyer of artwork will simply be able to have all the information about the purchased artwork.

Registered works of art and those having a certificate of authenticity cannot be copied or forged and they are recognized as authentic internationall

Advice on Art Investment and Collections:

Today, with the increasing expansion and prosperity of the market of buying artworks and the desire of collectors to buy artworks; quality, authenticity and, most importantly, the appropriateness of the financial value of the work in relation to its artistic value is one of the main concerns of collectors and buyers of these works. In this journey, using an expert advice to select and negotiate purchases of these works can prevent many of the risks involved.
By making use of the views of the outstanding art masters as its advisory team, having a team of specialist to determine the quality and originality of the artworks, having a prospect of entering the international art markets, and having an approach of raising the capital for the buyers of the artworks, HICHAA Gallery can accompany you and advise you in this journey.

Evaluation and valuation of artworks:

What is the evaluation and valuation of artworks?
Today, evaluation and valuation of artistic products is considered as a major field in the economy of art. The financial evaluation of artworks sold or purchased is one of the major challenges for artists, collectors, owners, and even art critics.
Thus, HICHAA Gallery, as one of the art valuation agencies in Iran, with its experienced and professional team in this field, provides an opportunity to evaluate and value an artwork to ensure its originality and quality for artists and customers.

How can artworks be sent to the gallery for valuation?
In collaboration with renowned international experts, HICHAA Gallery determines the value of your artworks based on Iranian and foreign currencies. By registering on the website and contacting the support unit, you can make the necessary arrangements for the evaluation of your intended artworks.

Providing unique artworks:

Today, with the prosperity of the market of selling and buying artworks and holding numerous artistic auctions, the quality and value of the artworks have diminished and the galleries present artworks regardless of their quality and artistic value.
HICHAA Gallery intends to taking a new step in the field of art economy by using its advisers and art professionals by identifying and discovering emerging artists. The works presented at HICHAA gallery are unique, only one copy of them is available, and the buyer will be the only owner of this work in the world. These works are selected after a lot of investigation and passing through numerous technical and artistic filters such as the artist’s style and the growth of the value of his works over time, the artwork’s authenticity, etc.

Packaging and sending artworks:

Packaging artworks:
Safety of artworks is always one of the main priorities of HICHAA gallery. Each artworks must be carefully packaged before delivery to avoid possible damage during transferring. The packaging process is very sensitive process and varies according to the type of artwork and its transportation, and thus, it is carried out by experienced professionals in this field. We offer a suitable and fashionable package for every artwork in the gallery.

Sending artworks:
One of the challenges for art collectors and buyers of works of art is the transferring of artwork from one place to another. With the support of experienced professionals and associated organizations, HICHAA gallery helps you with the provision of a safe and easy way of transferring artworks.

HICHAA gallery is responsible for selecting the best and most reliable type of transferring and packaging of artworks according to the conditions of the route and type of transportation for an accurate control of artworks to the destination and for the presentation of artwork at the best possible condition, as you desire.
This service is useful for renting and transferring artworks from museums to exhibition spaces, moving artworks to domestic and foreign exhibitions, selling and transferring artworks to buyers and relocation of artworks