1) What types of packaging are used to send artworks?
We use a simple and high quality box packaging. We also use soft separators.

2) How long does it take for the artworks to reach the buyer since the time of purchase?
This time depends on your location and it can vary. We estimate a time between 5 to 30 days to send artworks to all parts of the world, while this time can be changed. You will be notified about the approximate delivery time when the invoice is being issued.

3) How can I track my order?
We will inform you about with tracking options based on the type and system of transferring artworks through your personal control panel on the website or through the post office responsible for transferring of the work.

4) What is the cost of sending and transferring artworks?
Delivery is free of charge up to 1000 km distance from the nearest HICHAA gallery to you. Otherwise, you will be notified about the mechanism of sending and transferring by the gallery in the purchase invoice.

5) How can I get informed about the auctions and exhibitions held by you?
You can get informed about the gallery’s events through the “Events” menu on the website, as well as through our social networks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition, the site’s e-newsletter will be launched soon and you will be able to subscribe to it.

6) Does HICHAA gallery have a special application in social media?
No. HICHAA Gallery’s application will soon be launched in the virtual space development project.

7) How can we introduce our works for sale or presentation in your gallery?
After reading about how to present your work at the gallery, you can send the details of your works and photos of them to info@hichaa.com. Our experts will contact you.