Ahmad Aali (born in April 1935 in Tabriz) is an Iranian artist, photographer and painter and graduated from Kamal-Al-Mulk Art Academy in 1957.

His artworks are kept in many private and public collections such as British Museum and Lakma Museum. He has also taught photography in National Broadcasting High School and college.

He is one of the first Iranian photographers who introduced photography as an art to visual arts community of Iran. Before him, photography was considered as non-artistic field in Iran and limited only to documentary, studio photography and advertising photography. During his activity, he has repeatedly stated his perpective on photography in his interviews and books.

Individual exhibitions

  • Private exhibition of artworks in Tabriz – August 1954 (painting exhibition)
  • Farhang Hall, Tehran, Iran – April 1963 (photography exhibition)
  • Ghandriz Hall, Tehran, Iran – April 1965 (photography exhibition)
  • Borgese Gallery, Tehran, Iran – April 1968 (photography exhibition)
  • Seihon Gallery, Tehran, Iran – November – December 1968 (photography exhibition)
  • French Club, Tehran, Iran – November 1970 (photography exhibition)
  • Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran – May 1997 “42 years of watching” a review of photography, painting and graphic artworks from 1954 to 1996
  • Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran – October – November 1397 “Urban Landscapes Narrated by Ahmad Aali” (Photography Exhibition)
  • MehrMah Gallery, Tehran, Iran – September 2010 (Photographic exhibition with thea  launch ceremony of the book “Aali”
  • Aran Gallery, Tehran, Iran – February 2013 “Recycling” (painting exhibition)
  • Emkan  Gallery, Tehran, Iran – December 2016 “Self-portraits of Ahmad Aali with G11” (Photography Exhibition)