Elham Yousefi is a painter (abstract art) who was born on March 12th, 1981 in Mashhad. She holds a bachelor’s degree in painting.

Solo and collective exhibitions:


Mir Ali Tabrizi Gallery, 2008

Rezvan Gallery, Mashhad, 2008


Yasmin Gallery, Tabriz (five minus one group) 2008

Rezvan Gallery, Mashhad (Dey Group), 2010

Sky Gallery (Dey Group) 2011

A group of teachers at Malek House 2011

Saba Gallery, Tehran: a group of modernist artists from Razavi Khorasan province

House of artists of Isfahan: Dey group of painters

Ahvaz: Dey group of painters

Tehran: Re-creation Painting Exhibition 2018

Mashhad: Dey group, Farzad Gallery

Mashhad Farzad Gallery, on the theme of Fish, 2018

Mashhad: Farzad Gallery, on the theme of lifeless nature, 2018

Mashhad: Azarnoor Gallery, 2013


Participated in the national painting workshop of commemorating Kamal al-Mulk, Neishabour

Participated in the provincial workshop on the theme of Lady of Dignity, Rezvan-e-Mashhad gallery

Artist's Artworks
Title : The body of blue
Size : 104 * 104 cm
material : mix media
Price :
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