Farah Osooli (born in 1953) is a contemporary Iranian painter. Her painting style is a combination of modern painting and Iranian miniature. The theme of her work is taken from women’s social issues, Persian poetry, literature, and the art history of Iran and the world. Some artworks by Farah Osooli are kept in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art, and the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

On her mother’s side, she is the great-granddaughter of Haj Mir BahaOddin Zanjani, who was one of the great merchants and philanthropists of Zanjan City during the Qajar reign. This painter is the second wife of Iranian director Khosrow Sinai.

Farah received a diploma in painting from the Girls’ fine art academy and a bachelor’s degree in graphics from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University. Participating in collective and solo exhibitions, teaching, illustrating children’s books, and being the secretary of painting festivals and biennials (6th Tehran Biennial 2003) are some examples of her activities.