Majid Shirmohammadi was born in 1962 in Torbat-e Jam, Iran. He graduated from High School of Sketching in Fashion and Texture (textile) under the supervision of Brighton professors. His meeting with Hossein Maher in his youth had a great effect on him, leading him towards painting. He has had an individual exhibition with a number of group exhibitions.

About the Painting Style
He is a visual artist and uses various mediums for his visual expressions. By looking at his statues, his abilities can be perceived from his knowledge on volumes. He is one of the few painters who transform the world in their minds into visible stories. After arranging his story as a storyboard, he starts to paint. He enters the free world of painting far from narrative and illustration space. In addition to techniques such as oil and acrylic paints, collage and texture are used in his paintings, which imply relations between his works and his field of study. Painting subjects of Majid Shirmohammadi are mostly existentialistic and based on lives of today’s humans in relation to technology, nature, and society. His numerous compositions of man statue figures demonstrates his view on today’s humans who have not yet gained significant achievements despite significant achievements in science and technology.

Solo exhibition:
Farzad Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran 2014

Group exhibitions:
‘East; the root of continuity’, Farzad Art gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2015
‘That’s what I am’ , Farzad Art gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2014

Artist's Artworks
Title : Pieces of a coherent whole
Size : 135.5 * 110 cm
material : Oil
Price : 749,000,000ریال
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