Nikzad Nojoomi  (born in 1941 in Kermanshah) is a contemporary Iranian painter and illustrator who is known for his political and psychological themes. He has also done many illustrations for Iran intellectual development center for children and teenagers (Kanoone parvaresh fekri), which are among the most famous works of the center. Nojoomi is one of the most famous artists in the field of revolutionary graphics and one of the famous artists of the 1979 Iranian Revolution. He is also one of the supporters of Iranica encyclopedia.

Nikzad Nojoomi  was born in 1941 in Barze Damagh neighborhood in Kermanshah. His family are among the religious families of Kermanshah who moved to Kermanshah from Damghan to do religious work and propagate Shiism several decades ago. His father, Saif Al-Sadat Nojoomi, was a calligrapher.

In 1963, Nojoomi  studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University. During his studies, he met other artists such as Nahid Haqiqat, Jamshid Yeshi, Ali Asghar Mohtaj, Siros Malik, Abbas Kiarostami, and Parviz Mahalati.

He graduated from Tehran University in 1968 with a bachelor’s degree with first class honor. He immigrated to New York in 1970 and received his master’s degree from the City College of New York in 1975.

Nikzad was in Iran during Iranian revolution. Some of the posters of Iranian revolution, which printed in the Faculty of Fine Arts by hand printing methods, are his work and Arapik Baghdasarian’s which their common sign is a red star in their frame. But in September 1980, an articles against his works published; Therefore, he immigrated to the US in 1980 and lived in New York since 1982.

The last exhibition of Nikzad Nojoomi’s designs in Tehran, “Manuscript” was at Homa Gallery in 2005 and attracted the attention of the young generation of artists. His big show in 2013 at Teimur Grahan Gallery in New York drew international attention to him. He has played an effective role in introducing artists like Ardeshir Mohasses to international events.

Nikzad Nojoomi is one of the critics of Saqakhane school; Because his perspective of the society and current political and social conditions of Iran was not progressive.

Solo exhibitions

Tehran University Hall, 1968

Lito Gallery, Tehran, 1975

Seyhun Gallery, Tehran, 1976

Pictogrand Gallery, New York

Queens Museum

Exhibition of manuscripts series, Homa Gallery, Tehran, 2005

Prishka Jishka Gallery, New York

Teimur Grahan Gallery, New York 2013

Group exhibitions

Nojoomi also exhibited his artworks in the Exhibition of Revolutionary Posters in December 1978 in the hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran University, along with artists such as Amir Esbati, Akbar Ahripour, Arapik Baghdasarian and Morteza Momayez.

In October 2006, with other great artists of Iran, he participated in the group painting exhibition of “Artist’s Profession” quarterly at the Momayez and Mirmiran Art Gallery of Iran’s Artists House.

In June 2009, he exhibited in the field of Shahnameh illustration, with the works of other professionals, at the exhibition and convention of Shahnameh at Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute.

In February 2011, Nojoomi participated in the “Winter Collection 90” exhibition at MaheMehr Gallery.

In November 2012, he participated in a group chairity exhibition for MS patients at MaheMehr Gallery.

In December 2013, in a group exhibition “One Man”, he displayed his artworks alongside the works of other prominent figures in the field of visual arts.

In July 2014, Nojoomi  exhibited his works alongside the works of young Iranian painters in an exhibition entitled “From the Past to… Tomorrow” in Dey Gallery.