Shirin Babazadeh Darban was born in 1975 in Mashhad, Iran. Babazadeh earned an undergraduate degree in graphics. Her focus is on graphic arts and painting. She started her professional career in 2007. She has participated in many group exhibitions and five solo ones.

About the Painting Style
Inspired by archetypes and myths, Babazadeh paints in a completely mental and imaginary space. Using nature’s elements, from plants & flowers and their growth in the lap of Mother Nature to goddesses in civilizations and myths, she has a special look at the woman in her paintings. Her thought, derived from knowledge, life experiences and human psyche, comes consciously in the form of a painting image and/or myth. Most of her artworks are made on the canvas using oil & color painting mediums, and especially warm colors. She is an expert designer who can work with other mediums as well. Not only did she study, recognize and use mythology and psychology in his works, but also is able to create unique world with its own inner feelings. In all the Babazadeh’s works, a visitor often immerse in the pleasure of confronting the fantastic mysterious world that challenges the human mind.

Solo exhibitions:
‘Tree of Vagh’, Afrand Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2018
‘Myth and Dream’, Dey Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2013
‘Myth and Dream’, Artin Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2013

Group exhibitions:
‘The Art of Quotation’, Afrand Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2018
‘A Mordad’, Afrand Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2018
‘Iran Unforgettable Faces’, Elahe Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2017
‘My Soul is Poured in You’, Digari Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2017
‘Resim Sergisi Dreams’, Idil Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2017
‘Yalda’, Siyavashan Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2015
Annual exhibition ‘From past to tomorrow’, Dey Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2014
Annual exhibition ‘Seven Look’, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran, 2013
Annual exhibition ‘From past to tomorrow’, Dey Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2012
Annual exhibition ‘One hundred Artworks of hundred Artists’, Dey Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2009

Artist's Artworks
Title : The way to the sky
Size : 80 * 120 cm
material : Oil
Price : 899,000,000ریال
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Title : Me when I am myself
Size : 100 * 174 cm
material : Oil
Price : 749,000,000ریال
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