“Meta Moment” Online Photo Exhibition Simultaneously Showcased on Hichaa Gallery Website and Metaverse.

Meta Moment” is an exhibition of selected works from the ” Ghahramanan Amusement Park” Photo Festival, which was held last summer and featured over 60 photographers. Of these artists, 19 photographers and 45 works were selected for the “Meta Moment” photo exhibition.

This is the first time in Iran that an exhibition is being held simultaneously on the web and in the metaverse. Visitors can also purchase physical and NFT versions of the exhibition works if they wish.


Amin Mahri, Iman Janti, Hamid Nazoki, Reza Gavam Shahidi, Reza Radpour, Zahra Mansouri, Sadegh Zabagh, Fahime Farokhi, Ghaddir Vaghari, Mohammad Mehdi Mahdian, Mostafa Yousefi, Mehdi Aghajani, Mehdi Vaghari, Mahdieh Ghafoorian, Mehran Mirzaei, Milad Haddadyan, Hadi Dehghanpoor, Haya Malai, Vahid Bayat

The “Meta Moment” photo exhibition will be available to the public from May 7 to 13. Visitors can visit the exhibition through the Hichaa website and the metaverse.

Metaverse Entry Link: Meta Moment Photo Exhibition

Hichaa Website Entry Link: Meta Moment Photo Exhibition