The “Night and Day” exhibition includes two different collections of Kami’s new paintings displayed side by side. Portrait paintings which have been at the center of his activities for more than three decades, and another collection of his artworks entitled “Night” which has started since 2017.

Each of Kami’s large-scale painted portraits depicts a single face in muted colors on a matte background. Kami’s depictions are in a close-up portraits style as if they have been cut out of a place and all background features are removed. Using layers of colors and brushstrokes to blur the features of his subjects, Kami focuses on the indescribability of individual presence.

Kami’s night paintings collection is made by using indigo shades which is the color of night. This color is combined with white gradations to evoke the sensory dynamics of presence and absence. These abstract artworks, which have gained a foggy and dark atmosphere by a brush, evoke inner and mental feelings.

Kamran Yousefzadeh is a famous Iranian artist, who is nicknamed as “Y. Z. Kami” works in New York. Kami’s artworks have been exhibited in the most important museums, galleries, biennials and auctions and have been noticed by many critics and collectors of contemporary art around the world. The only exhibition of Kami was held in Iran in 2019 at Abanbar Gallery.