According to the public relations report of the visual arts center of the art field, an exhibition of visual arts in the fields of painting, calligraphy-painting, and volumetric works is being held in the Ragadid Gallery located in the Revolution Cultural and Sports Club of Tehran. The event is called Did Art and uses an innovative and new structure.

According to Behdad Najafi Asadalahi, painter and the executive director of the Ragadeed Complex, this exhibition is dynamic due to the addition of new artworks and arrangements weekly and has well-received approval from visitors. He added that at the beginning days of each month, a number of prominent professors and artists of the country are invited to participate in this event, in addition to the weekly variety of artworks, so that the exhibition faces a diverse and different structure compared the previous month and welcomes new artists. This new way of holding an event has increased the rate of participation and number of visitors in a certain period of time. According to Behdad Najafi, Didart is planned to continue to work in the same way until the end of the summer.

Saeedeh Arian, the art director of Ragadeid Gallery, said: We tried to contact with artists from other provinces of the country and their works will be included in the exhibition. In line with this policy, we will witness the artworks of prominent masters and artists from Mashhad, Isfahan, Zanjan, Shahrood, some cities of Mazandaran province, Sanandaj, Urumia, and Tabriz in Didart artistic events. She added: on average, about 50 artworks from different fields of visual arts are exhibited in each installation.

Ragadid Gallery, located in Tehran’s Revolution Cultural and Sports Club, welcomes art and art event lovers every day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.