Administrative Court / 1965/ Tempera on a board backed by Jesso/ Place of creation: New York/ Location: Metropolitan Museum, New York

George Tooker was an American painter born in Brooklyn in 1920 and passed away in 2011. Enchanting, charming, and fascinating are the words that a critic uses to honor an artwork. However, they might sometimes mislead us. We have seen the accumulation of these adjectives in magical realism artworks. Nothing safe and comfortable can be found in this artwork by an American painter, George Tooker; It cannot even be said that this is a distinctive artwork.

Reversely; this is an extraordinary image only because of the excessive presence of modesty in it. This artwork took its illusion from repetition; Ordinary people, more or less alike, face more or less alike employees in the queue of counters. The administrative court is represented in the form of employees in a hall with unified light, who take a glimpse of the client from behind the matte glass. as if the oppressed client is stuck in modern life; soaked in Loneliness and alienation and social sympathy is dead inside him. This is a simple artwork without any native signs because there is no point in exaggeration.