Iranian calligrapher artist introduced the Kufic script in the world’s largest mobile library located on the Logos Hope cruise ship and a one-day workshop. Khabar Online reported that the event was held by the cultural and artistic department of the Logos Hope cruise ship in collaboration with Hatef Gallery.

Sanaz Albarzi is a young and prolific artist who has been focusing on calligraphy-painting and Kufic calligraphy for years and her artworks have received appreciation in numerous exhibitions inside and outside the country. As the first Iranian artist, she exhibited a collection of her artworks in the world’s largest mobile book exhibition Abu Dhabi and held a workshop on Kufic calligraphy during the exhibition.

In a one-day art event, Alborzi talked about the Kufic script, the primary educational method, and its differences and similarities with other Kufic scripts, such as the Eastern and the Qiravani Kufi script. Then she taught the modern use of traditional scripts and the techniques of creating a calligraphy painting practically for teens and adults.

Logos Hope cruise ship is the largest book exhibition on the water in the world which visits different countries. During its stopover, local people can use the cultural services of this ship. The ship aims to provide social and philanthropic services, travels to socially deprived countries with basic facilities, and provides free educational services to them.

Before Abu Dhabi, the ship docked in various countries such as Iraq and Lebanon, and will continue to travel to Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. The African continent will be its next destination. Alborzi exhibitioned 23 artworks including classical Kufic calligraphy and calligraphy-painting. She created this collection from 2015 to 2023. Some artworks are borrowed from art collections. The artworks of this collection are priced from 4 to 15 thousand dollars.

Sanaz Albarzi, born in 1365, is a Ph.D. student in Islamic art history at Istanbul Theology University, and her field of study is Kufic script. She is also a student of Dawood Bektash, the greatest master of calligraphy in the Islamic world. She has also made a significant contribution to the introduction and education of the Kufic script in Turkey. She exhibited her artworks in numerous solo and collective exhibitions inside and outside the country, and her artworks have been in various museums and collections.