Concentrating on original Iranian and Middle Eastern art, Hichaa Gallery attempts to introduce and present mythological art in the works of the emerging artists in the region, and therefore, recreate the disjointed connection between art and mythology.
In an interview with Artfa news agency, Mohsen Seraji, the founder of Hichaa Gallery added: Iranians’ ancient artworks include mythological themes and a marvelous power in expressing the truth regarding humanistic values. Thus, focusing on mysterious narrative and Iranian allegorical and mythological tales, Hichaa Gallery will soon recreate seven mythological statues and introduce them to the audience. These works were chosen, designed, and performed after studying Iranian and Middle Eastern mythologies and legends and observing over 200 written and visual works. Therefore, the relationship between the works’ themes and the modern abstract art has been the focus of the artists in recreating the works and their manner of performance.