breaking the record of Sohrab Sepehri with 21 billion!

The 17th Tehran auction for modern and contemporary Iranian art was held on July 23rd. Alireza SamiAzar, the manager of the Tehran auction, and a group of art collectors and artists participated at Parsian Azadi Hotel hosted by Hossein Pakdel.

Two ‘’Untitled” artworks by Sohrab Sepehri worth 33 billion Tomans, “Untitled” by Korosh Shishegaran worth 17 billion Tomans, and a calligraphy-painting artwork called  “Body” by Hossein Zenderudi worth 13 billion Tomans were the most expensive artworks. one of the “untitled” artworks by Sepehri broke the record of this period for 21 billion and 300 million tomans.

An artwork by Korosh Shishegaran held the second place with 17 billion, and another artwork “Trunks of Trees” by Sohrab Sepehri held the third place worth 12 billion and 400 million tomans.

Hossein Zindaroodi’s calligraphy painting “Body” takes the fourth place with 11 billion 200 million Tomans, “Square and Triangles” by Monir Shahroudi Farmanfarmaiyan sold for 9 billion 800 million Tomans and Aydin Aghdashlou’s painting “The Year 1319” sold for 8 billion Tomans are some of the most expensive artworks.

An artwork by Abolqasem Saeedi worth 7 billion 400 million Tomans, “Love and Love” a calligraphy painting by Mohammad Ahassayi worth 7 billion Tomans, an artwork by Masoud Arabshahi worth 6 billion Tomans, a painting by Marco Grigorian worth 5 billion 300 million Tomans and “To the Apocalypse” by Farhad Moshiri worth five billion tomans, were other artworks sold above five billion tomans.

Tehran auction complex was formed as an independent and private institution in 2012. The aim of this auction was to introduce the best examples of modern and contemporary Iranian art, from pioneering and well-known artists to young artists, to art collectors and global audiences.

Tehran auction complex tries to respond to the increasing interest of modern and contemporary Iranian art lovers and make it possible to buy high-quality artworks of different genres. Strengthening the domestic art market, which is the basis of the world market, is one of the main goals of the Tehran auction. Its cooperation with art galleries and art collectors guarantees the reliability of choosing works of art, including paintings, sculptures, or photographs.

This artistic event holds twice a year; in summer for contemporary art and winter for modern Iranian art. However it was not held last winter. The 17th Tehran auction was held in July this year with the legal permission of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.