Two artworks from the online exhibition “Meta Moment”, which began on May 27th on the website of Hichaa Gallery and the Metaverse, have been sold. The exhibition, which includes selected photos from the “Ghahramanan Amusement Park Photography Festival”, has been met with great public interest.

The sold artworks are by Hadi Dehghankhah (third place winner of the festival) and Zahra Mansouri (first place winner of the festival), and were offered to buyers through the Hichaa Gallery website.

This event shows the growing interest of people in buying art online. Online exhibitions provide an opportunity for artists to introduce their work to a wider audience, and buyers can easily purchase artwork from anywhere.

It should be noted that all works in the “Meta Moment” exhibition are NFTs and those interested can also purchase the NFT of the works through the Foundaition website.

Hichaa Gallery has proven its leadership in presenting online art by holding this online exhibition. “Meta Moment” was the gallery’s first online exhibition and soon there will be other online exhibitions from this collection.

Zohreh Mansouri
Hadi Dehghanpoor