Ahmad Amin Nazar was born in Abadan in 1334 and graduated from the College of Fine Arts and Conservatory. He is a member of the B.B.K painters’ association of Cologne, Germany, and he has participated in group exhibitions of international handprints at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Asar Gallery and Moon Gallery since 1964. Amin Nazar is known as a figurative painter who understands the academic rules correctly and has excellent design skills.

Amin Nazar was accepted in the field of painting in the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1975. He was classmate with Nosrat Allah Muslemian, Yaqoub Amame Pich, Niloufer Ghaderinejad, Ayoub Emdadian, Barsaghian, and …. During his study, he barely attended classes as he had to work to earn a living. Maybe he felt the college had nothing new for him. However, he mentions Khas and Vaziri Moghadam as his influential teachers during these years.

His study coincided with a huge crisis that ended in 1979 revolution. A huge wave that impacted society, especially universities. He did not belong to any political parties, however, his artworks had been influenced by the mood of those years. He also expressed social themes in his designs.

After graduation, he spent two years doing graphic design in various press institutions and teaching printing, graphics and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. Then in 1986 he moved to Germany for his explorational intention. With fifteen years of non-stop work and experience, he was confident enough for this new world.

After returning to Iran, he held his first solo exhibition at Efrand Gallery (1995). His portfolio mostly included his paintings in Germany. The subject of these works was the battle of lion and cow influenced by Achaemenid motifs, as well as molten figures moving or riding on horses. This issue referred to the recent arson attacks in Germany by neo-Nazis and against Turkish immigrant. He also published some articles about contemporary European painting, postmodernism, and prominent artists such as Anselm Kiefer in Gerdon magazine, but it did not continue.

He held his next exhibition at Aria Gallery (1996), and included artworks executed with photowatching method. In this collection, he printed paintings from Baghdad school, as well as artworks by Reza Abbasi on copper sheet and then used methodes such as collage, composition, or engraving to unify these images and create different interpretations.

He also held the third exhibition at Aria Gallery (1997). This collection was mainly larger in size than his previous works and was done with an impression of Renaissance paintings and especially Michelangelo. The theme he addressed this time was the same melten people.

After participation in the third painting biennial, Amin Nazar did not hold an individual exhibition of his works. Even he abandoned teaching at the university and did not participate in events. He occasionally participated in group exhibition, which were usually with his students. However, he continued painting and especially drawing in his solitude.