Ameneh Mehraban


Amene Mehraban is a painter who was born on August 21, 1980, in Mashhad.

Solo and collective exhibition:

An honors degree issued by the Visual Arts Development Center, specialized art classes in the summer of 2003

collective Exhibition, Tehran Fall 2003

collective Exhibition, Bahman cultural center, Tehran, winter 2003

collective Exhibition for children

A child’s view of Shahnameh, May 2009

A Trip to Childhood, to honor International Children’s Day, October 2009

I love the earth, January 2011

Looking at children’s dreams, what if… January 2013

Dream, Autumn 2014

Soil, wind, water, fire, November 2016

Solo exhibition, Mashhad Asman Gallery, 2011

Solo exhibition, Mehrin Gallery, Tehran, 2013

Participation in the exhibition of friendship hymns. Armenia: Yerevan, November 2011

Participation in the Art Expo collective exhibition, the Art People Gallery in San Francisco. And Book printing is called “Since”, December 2012.

Participation in several collective exhibitions in Galleries of Mashhad such as Azar Noor. Aseman. CharsouqHonar. Narvan and Parak and…

Participation in the cultural festival of Saba, Tehran, Khorasan modern painters, 2010

Solo exhibition, Ravand Gallery, Mashhad, December 2022

Artist's Artworks
Title : The Song of Wind
Size : 110 * 110 cm
material : acrylic
Price :
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Title : Death of color
Size : 70 * 70 cm
material : acrylic
Price :
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