The Song of Wind

A painting by Ameneh Mehraban was created with acrylic on canvas. 




Ameneh Mehraban


A painting by Ameneh Mehraban was created with acrylic on canvas. 

It is impressionism in an abstract and subjective space with sharp colors with high contrast, . Interwoven forms. Sharp and high-contrast colors are reminiscent of paintings in the Fauvism style.

Impressionism emphasizes the artist’s momentary feeling and perception of a scene. Impressionists uses their unique style and method to raise a question whether what we see depends on how we see it. They drew the real world based on the artist’s comprehension. According to Gardner: impressionists proposed a kind of “naturalistic impressionism”; With the exception that this time the artist relies on his visual sense more than his perceptions and imaginations in the understanding the world outside.

We recommend this artwork to abstract art lovers.

The current owner of this artwork is Mr. Ghanbari


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