Azadeh Nezam Doost is an artist and painter who was born in Mashhad in 1983. She has a bachelor’s degree in visual communication from the Tehran University of Art and a master’s degree in art research from Al-Zahra University.

Associate degree in Painting, Dr. Shariati Technical College for Girls – Tehran 2004

Teaching experience in universities as bellow:

Ferdows/Eqbal Al-LaHouri/Kavian/Culture and Art; Mashhad Branch, Applied Scientific University, Qom branch

Artistic background:

A Member of the Asifa Association of Iran (animation)

Collective exhibition at Linda Farrell Gallery, Paris (Spring) 2018

Collective exhibition of Tehran University of Art students at Saba Gallery, 2010

Participation in Nowruz Egg Festival, Tehran (Spring of 2022,2021,2020,2019)

Poster exhibition of my students in Mashhad Artin Gallery. the first step, winter 2017

Cooperation with Mashhad Municipality, Spring beautification project (2012) (Nowruz postcards (2020)

Participating in the illustration workshop of artists’ dedication to Imam Rauf (summer 2018), Mashhad

Collective exhibition of illustration, Rezvan Gallery, Mashhad, summer 2018

A group exhibition of Ravi’s illustrations in the fall art gallery of Mashhad and Mordad art gallery of Ardabil, July 2020

Painting solo exhibition, Hengam Gallery in Mashhad with the title of “Hibernation”, February 2018

Selected work in the Fajr festival of 2021. Illustration section.

Travel and tourism illustration Collective exhibition titled “Raining UFOs”, Saad Abad Palace Museum

Painting Collective exhibition titled “Happening’, Hengam Gallery, February 2022

Participation in the parallel peace project jointly produced by Tehran and Berlin

A collective exhibition called “Centerless” You gallery, Tehran, May 2022

Participating in the 33rd Tehran Book Fair as a guest professor in professional illustration meetings.

Work experience:

Illustrator – Sanat Daran Eftekhari Company – Shiraz, kids’ Book illustration (5 books) 2012-2015

Illustrator – Little Candy Magazine – Tehran, Children’s illustration for Ali Keshavarz’s writing, 2015

Illustrator – private project – Tehran, The Little Squirrel, 2012 • The Lost Bow Tie, 2017

Graphic design and illustration, Melody music training book in 2 volumes for children 2019

Collaborating with BehNashr publications “Dear guest Book” book, 2021

Cooperation with Mashhad Cultural Heritage Organization under the title of Mashhad, the Cultural Capital of the Islamic World, 2017

Artist's Artworks
Title : The roof of wishes
Size : 103 * 103 cm
material : acrylic
Price : 785,000,000ریال
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