The roof of wishes

It is a painting by Azadeh Nezam Doost with the dimensions 103x103 cm which is created with acrylic on canvas.



Azadeh Nezamdoost


It is a painting by Azadeh Nezam Doost with the dimensions 103×103 cm which is created with acrylic on canvas.

In this painting, the combination of Iranian and classical painting styles results in the creation of creative and original work. The deep sleep of the human position of the artwork with completely Iranian external components can be a symbol of alienation or facing a dilemma of modernity. It is a challenge that Iranian society has been long dealing with. The dreamy and surreal atmosphere of the artwork leaves the mind of the audience free for various impressions. the artist avoids confusion in the audience’s connection with the work by creating a minimal atmosphere while paying attention to the details.

  We recommend this artwork to those who are interested in Iran and Persian culture and art. Persian Culture and art have faced various attacks, indifference, and humiliation throughout history. despite all these difficulties, it has always continued its way powerfully due to artists who try to keep it alive and excel with a compassionate look.


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