Crossing words

The Crossed Writings is Masoud Safar's calligraphy painting which is 140x95 cm and created with acrylic on canvas.


Masoud Saffar


The Crossed Writings is Masoud Safar’s calligraphy painting which is 140×95 cm and created with acrylic on canvas.

The intersection of the writings regularly and repeatedly creates a visual perspective that moves the audience’s eye to the artwork. Repetition in the artwork is one of its creative aspects. Repetition is said to be similar to rhythm and is one of the foundations of creativity and helps create a sense of movement in an artwork. In the illustration, the repetition of a line, a pattern, a shape, or other elements is placed in a specific section or set. However Creating a work of art with repetition is attractive and exciting, is a challenge.

calligraphy-painting is a new field of art that came to life in contemporary times. Encountering the line as a purely visual element, and shapes from the combination of letters and words; It is a collection of forms that is a fresh representation of traditional scripts (here is the Kufi script).

We recommend The Crossed Writings to those who are interested in works of art and look for novelty and originality. This artwork can also be a gift to those who are interested in calligraphy and calligraphy painting as authentic Iranian art.

The current owner of this artwork is Ms. Behnampoor


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