Today, in the contemporary art market, the authenticity of purchased works of art is one of the main concerns of the buyers. This certificate is an important document in which a detailed account of all the technical and artistic information related to the artwork is compiled.

What is a certificate of authenticity?
All works of art at HICHAA Gallery have a valid printed certificate of authenticity in both Farsi and English. This certificate of authenticity is composed of various sections such as the introduction and resume of the artist of the work, explanation and critique of the work, technical information, certificate of authenticity of the work, basic pricing of the work by the gallery and the occupations of the owners and the buyers. It is strongly recommended that those interested in collecting artwork and investing in this field definitely obtain this certificate when purchasing a artwork.

The importance of certificate of authenticity:
Certificate of authenticity is a reliable document of superior quality and originality of an artwork. Having this certificate is an advantage for buyers of artworks, because the information provided in this certificate will help manage an art collection. Having this certificate, the buyer of artwork will simply be able to have all the information about the purchased artwork.
Registered works of art and those having a certificate of authenticity cannot be copied or forged and they are recognized as authentic internationally.