Buying at HICHAA

Step 1: Finding the artworks you are interested in
There are many ways to find the artworks you are interested in. Visit our exhibitions and auctions’ calendar to see the list of our sales in the future.
By subscribing to the channel and social networks of the Gallery, you will have a thorough knowledge of the works that are presented in exhibitions, auctions, and online sales.
To view the artworks presented at auctions, the Gallery displays works three or four days before the auction. Participating in the show is free of charge provided that you arrange with the Gallery sales team and you can view the works closely and choose them. It is suggested that you create an online account to get informed about buying and selling artworks in the future as well as online auctions. You can also get acquainted with the sales process.

Step 2: Register
Everybody needs to create an account in order to be able to use the site’s services. You will be asked to provide us with your full contact information and a photo ID online

Purchasing artworks at the auction
There are three ways to participate in the process of purchasing artworks at the auction

First method: in person
In this method, you first register through the site or the Gallery office. After obtaining the information and providing the necessary guarantees, you will have an in-person exciting participation at the auction venue and submit your bid to the auctioneer by the special sign you are provided with. If your bid is successful at the auction, you can receive work or works you are interested in through method of purchase.

Second method: by telephone
If you prefer to bid by phone, after registering and providing our colleagues with the necessary guarantees, we will contact you through the telephone box and we will bid the price you desire on your behalf. Contact the Gallery Support Department for more information.

Third method: bidding in absentia or written bids
If you cannot attend the auction, do not worry. You can bid a price for the artworks or artworks you are interested in and send your written bid at least 24 hours before selling them in absentia. We will represent your offer at the right time at the auction on your behalf. If you want to quit the auction, you can redeem your offer by fax, email or online contact 24 hours before the auction.

fourth method :Online shopping
After completing the subscription process and after thorough study and search of artworks presented on HICHAA Gallery site, you can add the selected artwork or artworks to your shopping cart. After checking the price, you can have your invoice issued. After checking the invoice, you can pay online or by bank transfer, purchase your favorite artworks and receive your artworks in accordance the rules for the transfer
For participation in the auction, purchase and sale of artwork and other services provided on-site and outside HICHAA Gallery, you will need to complete your registration and receive its confirmation from us.