Packaging and sending artworks:

Packaging artworks:
Safety of artworks is always one of the main priorities of HICHAA gallery. Each artworks must be carefully packaged before delivery to avoid possible damage during transferring. The packaging process is very sensitive process and varies according to the type of artwork and its transportation, and thus, it is carried out by experienced professionals in this field. We offer a suitable and fashionable package for every artwork in the gallery.

Sending artworks:
One of the challenges for art collectors and buyers of works of art is the transferring of artwork from one place to another. With the support of experienced professionals and associated organizations, HICHAA gallery helps you with the provision of a safe and easy way of transferring artworks.

HICHAA gallery is responsible for selecting the best and most reliable type of transferring and packaging of artworks according to the conditions of the route and type of transportation for an accurate control of artworks to the destination and for the presentation of artwork at the best possible condition, as you desire.
This service is useful for renting and transferring artworks from museums to exhibition spaces, moving artworks to domestic and foreign exhibitions, selling and transferring artworks to buyers and relocation of artworks