Azg (twig)

Azg is Zahra Mohammadi's painting which is 60x120 cm and was created with acrylic on canvas.


Zahra Mohammadi


Azg is Zahra Mohammadi’s painting which is 60×120 cm and was created with acrylic on canvas.

Azg is a semi-abstract artwork. In abstract painting, the composition, and coordination of shapes, points, lines, spaces, and volume are important. but in a semi-abstract style, in addition to all these, there is a hidden and subliminal idea that is a distinct feature of the work. Semi-abstract refers to a style of painting or sculpture in which the subject matter remains recognizable, although the forms are highly stylized in a manner inspired by abstract art.

We recommend this artwork to those who welcome new experiences and look for a new perspective and encounter with works of art.

The current owner of this artwork is Ms.Gholami


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