Hey you “Nothing”

A painting by Mehrnaz Kafi with the dimensions 70x100 cm is created with acrylic on canvas.




Mehrnaz Kafi


A painting by Mehrnaz Kafi with the dimensions 70×100 cm is created with acrylic on canvas.

A portrait of a woman looking into the distance. With a cold blue background. We don’t see the figure’s face and facial expressions, but the skill and professionality of the artist have made it possible to guess her facial expression from this point of view. Expectation and sadness together.

The artwork can have many stories inside and each audience can make their own story. Looking somewhere far away or maybe waiting for someone to come. This reminds us of a poem by Alireza Roshan, “Take your eyes from the window, the savior is in the mirror”

We recommend this artwork to those who seek to discover the beauty and those who are in pursuit of the truth of life.

The current owner of this artwork is Mr.Tavakoli


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