Circumambulation around the lover

Tawaf of the Beloved (Circumambulation) is Masoud Safar's calligraphy painting which is 140x95 cm and created with gold leaf and acrylic on canvas.


Masoud Saffar


Tawaf of the Beloved (Circumambulation) is Masoud Safar’s calligraphy painting which is 140×95 cm and created with gold leaf and acrylic on canvas.

Repetition is a basic and practical element in visual arts. It creates a beat and rhythm in the artwork. In rhythm, an image or a visual element starts from a specific order and state and gradually reaches a newer stage or state. A black circle is placed on one of the golden points of this composition that after each look at the painting catches the eye of itself.

calligraphy-painting is a new field of art that came to life in contemporary times. Encountering the line as a purely visual element, and shapes from the combination of letters and words; It is a collection of forms that is a fresh representation of traditional scripts (here is the Kufi script).

We recommend this artwork to those who look for new fields in old beliefs and ideas. It could also be a gift to those who are interested in calligraphy and calligraphy painting.

The current owner of this artwork is Mr. Hoseini Taher


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