Clororless vase

A painting by Nasreen Sadeghi Bojd with the dimensions 50x70 cm is created with acrylic on canvas.


Nasrin Sadeghi Bojd


A painting by Nasreen Sadeghi Bojd with the dimensions 50×70 cm is created with acrylic on canvas.

Nasreen Sadeghi Bejd’s work is created with acrylic material on canvas in dimensions of 50 x 70 cm.

This artwork in Lifeless Nature which is depicted completely realistic invites us to look at the surrounding environment again. Basically, in nature, looking again at the environment and understanding the feeling of objects in the environment of human life is one of the main themes of this style. In this artwork, Sadeghi emphasizes the freshness of nature in people’s daily life by using the high-contrast color of the flowers. The artist’s view of the environment is elegant to the point that the container in which the flowers are placed is not a vase, but a water bottle. This change in the function of objects in daily life is the point where the audience feels close and familiar with the artwork as if they are watching a trace of their life in the artist’s artwork.

We recommend this artwork to those who have a delicate and precise look at their environment. People who consider the simple and ordinary details of life important. Ordinary ones that are sometimes brilliant.

The current owner of this artwork is Mr. Farokhfar


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