Arch of Letters

Arch of letters, Masoud Safar's calligraphy-painting, is made of waterproof and acrylic ink on gold sheet (Dimensions 90 x 120 cm).


Masoud Saffar


Arch of letters, Masoud Safar’s calligraphy-painting, is made of waterproof and acrylic ink on gold sheet (Dimensions 90 x 120 cm).

This work is a representation of geometric architecture of words; a row of inscriptions made an arc of letters; a manifestation of writing words in Kufic script in the sacred space of the Mihrab. This script is very similar to “Daena-dipi-bara” or Avestan script; Avestan alphabet can also be seen in Iranian architecture. Numerous mihrab of historical mosques are decorated with such inscriptions and Masoud Safari has created a mihrab of written words.

Calligraphy-painting is a contemporary field of art; Encountering alphabets as a purely visual element; The shapes formed by combination of letters and words; A collection of forms that is a new representation of traditional script (here in Kufic script).

This artwork belongs to those who ….

We recommend this calligraphy-painting to those who seek new fields, among ancient beliefs and ideas. This can also be a gift to those who are interested in calligraphy.

Find four more works by Masoud Safar in Hicha Gallery. Ruby Letters, Golden Mile, Sama of letters, Asma-al-Hosna

This artwork is sold to Mr Arian Zoorchang in 1499 euro on January 19th 2023


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