A painting by Ali Raz Ghandi with the dimensions 100x70 cm was created with acrylic on canvas.




Ali Razghandi


A painting by Ali Raz Ghandi with the dimensions 100×70 cm was created with acrylic on canvas.

This artwork is abstract expressionism style. It is a mixture of expressionist excitement, simple primitive paintings (Indian sand painting and Zen gardens), and an experience of order in the dominance of disorder. The artists of this style have something in common in their attitude and vision more than similarity in style. They want to break traditional and formal restrictions and techniques and cancel all ancient aesthetic rules. That is why the figures are deformed and exaggerated, and emphasize emotional and intuitive expression.

This artwork is suitable for intuitive people. Those who seek revelation in the world around them. And, those interested in abstract art.

The current owner of this artwork is Mr. Ebrahim bay


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