Current face

An abstract painting by Neda Azimi with the dimensions 80x100 cm was created with mixed materials on canvas.




Neda Azimi


An abstract painting by Neda Azimi with the dimensions 80×100 cm was created with mixed materials on canvas.

Playing with colors that show different emotions can be a way of communicating to the audience. Purple helps promote creativity and imagination; Because in nature this color is not dominant .

Purple is used in many ways. Light shades, which are very gentle and delicate, can create a sense of romance. Darker shades induce a feeling of being heavy and moody, and sometimes instability and stubbornness. Orange is a harmonious combination of red and yellow. That is, the combination of love and energy with the feeling of sunshine and the freshness of orange establishes balance, energizing, and calling.

The artwork gives a good feeling to the audience at first sight, but the impression might be different at different times because this is characteristic of abstract art.

We recommend this work to those who welcome new experiences and look for a new look and encounter works of art.

The current owner of this artwork is Mr. Karachian


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