A painting by Ali Raz Ghandi with the dimensions 100x70 cm was created with acrylic on canvas.



Ali Razghandi


A painting by Ali Raz Ghandi with the dimensions 100×70 cm was created with acrylic on canvas.

Mankind’s first attempt to record and transfer various information and news was the paintings on the walls of caves known as “primitive art” in the history of art. Although primitive art is usually considered raw art emerging from the artist’s unconscious, in Basics of Visual Literacy book by E. Danis, he mentioned this art as pure and thoughtful art, which after centuries still has the power to influence the minds of its audience. Simplicity, dynamism, bright colors, arched lines, and detailed compositions are primitive style techniques that were cultivated in the explorative nature of primitive humans and became the lasting heritage of contemporary people. That is why this style is noticed by contemporary painters.

We recommend this artwork to those with a dreamy mind; They have a sea in their head that is mostly calm but sometimes experiences stormy turbulence. This artwork can also be of interest to fans of abstract art.


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