From The Green Presence collection

Nasreen Sadeghi Bejd's artwork is 26 x 19 cm, created with acrylic material on cardboard.



Nasrin Sadeghi Bojd


Nasreen Sadeghi Bejd’s artwork is 26 x 19 cm, created with acrylic material on cardboard.

The Green Presence is the title of a collection of paintings by Nasrin Sadeghi Bojd, which are created in the style of lifeless nature. In this collection, Sadeghi Bojd seeks traces of nature and plants in our daily life. A presence that we sometimes ignore and take for granted, but these living and dynamic organisms unconditionally bring freshness and beauty to our surroundings. By painting plants in different states and conditions, the artist tries to draw our attention to them. In order to understand beauty, it is not always necessary to have a beautiful and unique view ahead; Sometimes feeling and paying attention to nearby objects and living organisms could make us realize the beauty and wonder of nature.

We recommend this artwork to those who have a different view. Those who love nature and respect its components.

Other artworks by Sadeghi Bojd in Hichaa Gallery
The colorless vase, living in contemporary air, and two other paintings from The Green Presence collection, are other artworks by Sadeghi Bojd in Hichaa Gallery.


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