Let’s believe in cold season

A painting by Fariba Momeni with the dimensions 100x70 cm is created with acrylic on canvas.




Fariba Momeni


A painting by Fariba Momeni with the dimensions 100×70 cm is created with acrylic on canvas.

Doubt, what never leaves a person alone? Every decision and desire forget an aspect. So what should be done? Is it possible to only sit and watch the moments disappear?

By watching the artwork, questions are raised in mind, each of which has a story and comes from his conscious mind, and the answers he gives to it come from his subconscious mind. Under what conditions the artist created the artwork is not of importance. How does the audience, as an observer, answer these questions in his mind?

The hesitation of a woman standing on the door frame is reminiscent of a poem by the great contemporary poet Shamlu: “One must stand and land on the frame of a door that does not have a knocker.”

We recommend this artwork to those who accept ambiguity and uncertainty as integral parts of life.

The current owner of this artwork is Mr. Moradi


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