A painting by Neda Azimi with the dimensions 70x100 cm was created with mixed materials on canvas.




Neda Azimi


A painting by Neda Azimi with the dimensions 70×100 cm was created with mixed materials on canvas.

It is a work of art in abstract style that always has different concepts for the audience. Since abstract art relies on the artist’s mental world, it also deals with the audience’s mentality when looking at this style of art not only one should look for the artist’s purpose and goal, but the unique feature of abstract art is its interpretability in confrontation.

This artistic style originates from the feelings and mentality of the artist, but it flows and does not confine the mind of the audience in the same perceptions and leaves them free to encounter it.

We recommend this artwork to those who love freedom. People who try to distance themselves from one-dimensionality and dogmatism in the world

The current owner of this artwork is Mr. Ayani


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