The body of lack

A painting by Hamid Halimi with the dimensions 100x80 cm was created with oil paint on canvas.




Hamid Halimi


A painting by Hamid Halimi with the dimensions 100×80 cm was created with oil paint on canvas.

Leaving, getting empty, and losing. Rectangular forms that show courage. An empty hole among the frames in which an image once stood out. Loss and sadness appeared in the combination of cold and low-contrast colors. Staring at this blank space can help digest it. Facing what happened and cannot be changed is the only way for the grieving person to recover from all its difficulties.

We recommend this artwork to those who are facing someone’s loss in their life. An empty space that cannot be filled by anything or anyone, but staring at the current reality is the hardest and only way.

The current owner of this artwork is Mr.Abedini


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