The curves

A painting by Amir Mahdi Vosouq with the dimensions 100x100 cm was created with acrylic on canvas.




Amirmehdi Vosoogh


A painting by Amir Mahdi Vosouq with the dimensions 100×100 cm was created with acrylic on canvas.

Vosouq’s artwork in a semi-abstract atmosphere by using colors of the same shade, especially gray color,creates  a calm atmospheric background. The gray color is a neutral color and finds its origin in the surrounding colors. Gray gets accustomed to powerful and harsh contrasts and absorbs their power. So it reduces the strength and maturity of colors. This color is obtained either by mixing black and white or by combining complementary colors (yellow + purple) (blue + orange) (green + red). Delacroix said about the color gray: “Grey is the destructive power of colors.” However, this color next to yellow, which is a symbol of brightness and light, has created a semantic and visual contrast.

We recommend this artwork to those interested in dreamlike and mental spaces and those interested in abstract art.

The current owner of this artwork is Mr.Asadzadeh


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