The grey flight

A painting by: Mahdi Mohaddes with the dimensions 80x60 cm, created with oil paint on canvas.




Mehdi Mohaddes


A painting by: Mahdi Mohaddes with the dimensions 80×60 cm, created with oil paint on canvas.

It is a work of art in the expressionist atmosphere with low color contrast, dominant gray over the canvas, and the mental atmosphere of the artist in contrast with a view of seagulls. Expressionism in Farsi means a hypothesis or an act based on the expression of emotions and feelings, or a method in the art that looks at the world more in terms of emotions and feelings than the actual and external truth. In other words, the artist’s effort to show the facts based on their feelings and emotions.

We recommend this artwork to those who let their playful mind free in contrast with the surrounding environment.

The current owner of this artwork is Mr. Ghandchi


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