The Life of Dreams

A painting by Hamid Halimi with the dimensions 100x230 cm was created with oil paint on canvas.




Hamid Halimi


A painting by Hamid Halimi with the dimensions 100×230 cm was created with oil paint on canvas.

Purple color is one of the three secondary colors that is derived from the combination of the two primary colors red and blue and  is neither a warm nor a cold color. Purple is the first secondary color created by humans.

The human figure is in an abstract atmosphere using shades of purple. Darker shades induce a feeling of being heavy and moody and sometimes give a sense of instability and stubbornness. The mourning figure in combination with dark purple is an objective expression of sadness and indifference. Since the purple color is a symbol of the wealthy social class, it also adds a social status to the artwork.

We recommend this artwork to those who have a dreamy mind; They search for revelation in the foggy layers of the mind.

The current owner of this artwork is Mr.Sohrabi


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