The silence of trees

A painting by: Hamid Farrokhi with the dimensions 50x60 cm, created with acrylic material on canvas.




Hamidreza Farokhi


A painting by: Hamid Farrokhi with the dimensions 50×60 cm, created with acrylic material on canvas.

The Painting is in the Fauvism style, a modern movement in the 20th century in which the artist uses simplified forms and avoids three-dimensional views and bright shadows. The use of powerful colors is one of the distinctive characteristics of this style. Fauvist painters prefer their inner desires to reflect external reality. They create their artwork using pure and transparent colors in an aggressive, passionate, unrealistic, and coarse way. The color element in Fauvist’s style has an individual and personal smell. Although the artists of this school have broken the rules in the use of color, they have remained faithful to nature regarding the overall shape and proportions of the image components. We highly recommend this artwork to those with unique tastes and those who think differently.

The current owner of this artwork is Mr. Rasooli


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