The swing of the wind

A painting by Neda Azimi with the dimensions 70x100 cm was created with mixed materials on canvas.




Neda Azimi


A painting by Neda Azimi with the dimensions 70×100 cm was created with mixed materials on canvas.

Abstract is a style of art in which no natural form or shape can be identified compared to their reality and uses allegorical and unnatural colors and forms to express its concepts.

In this artwork, Azimi has shown the power of nature by using green as the dominant color, which is more intense in some places and lighter in other spaces. But as we go down, the colors get darker and reach blackness, and as we go up, the blue and green that convey balance and peace will increase. The peace that only exists in looking at and communicating with nature, not in the dark world of humans on earth.

We recommend this artwork to those who do not neglect to look at nature and communicate with it in the hustle and bustle of life. And To those who, in the words of Sohrab Sepehri, “are familiar with the wet destiny of water and the green habit of trees…”

The current owner of this artwork is Mr.Ali Esteghbal


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