We will be bygones

A painting by Hanieh Javaheri with the dimensions 70x70 cm is created with mixed material on canvas.




Haniyeh Javaheri


A painting by Hanieh Javaheri with the dimensions 70×70 cm is created with mixed material on canvas.

Dark blue and purple in the sky evoke a feeling of freshness after the rain, which this artwork creates in the atmosphere of Impressionism. Javaheri’s painting is in a minimal atmosphere and based on the image of a single tree that stands out in the plain, depicting the glory and beauty of solitude. The work conveys the greatest feeling with the least possible elements. The appropriate and eye-catching use of colors makes the artwork more enjoyable. By watching this, the audience would have a conflicting feeling, a kind of nostalgia with surprise. Surprised at the splendor of nature.

We recommend this artwork to lovers of solitude, nature, and observation.

The current owner of this artwork is Mr.Rezayi


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