A painful sorrow

Neda Azim's work of art is created with mixed media technique on a wooden board with 100 x 80 cm dimensions.




Neda Azimi


Neda Azim’s work of art is created with mixed media technique on a wooden board with 100 x 80 cm dimensions.

In this painting, Azimi has depicted a human figure in a paradoxical space with yellow as a dominant color and is the symbol of light and warmth, in a sad and depressed state. The blue color in the background shows his transition from cold and hard days, while the effects of the past with blue color are still visible in a part of the human figure. The artist is trying to say that passing through difficult times always leaves a trace, and there is also a trace of sadness and coldness in our warmest and brightest days and moments. The red color, still visible in a small part of the figure, is a sign of emotions and passion for life, which has reached its lowest level but has not entirely disappeared.

We highly recommend this artwork to those who have just gone through the sad days of life, to remember that neither sadness nor happiness is permanent and durable.

The current owner of this artwork is Mr. Asadallahnezhad


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