The Sparkle of silence

A painting by Samira Toosi with the dimensions 77x107 cm is created with mixed material on canvas.



Samira Toosi


A painting by Samira Toosi with the dimensions 77×107 cm is created with mixed material on canvas.

Samira Toosi’s artwork is in a quasi-surreal or magical realism atmosphere using colors of the same color wheel and complementary. The use of broken lines in a paradoxical relationship has intensified the tenderness of the moon. In magical realism, familiar environments are depicted without humans, although this type of expression reminds us of surrealism, the difference between magical realism and surrealism, although their similarities, is that the mysterious spaces of magical realism would never enter the realm of imagination and fantasy. It is the intertwining of imaginative elements in a realistic and reasonable texture, so that the matter appears realistic and possible. The fusion of concrete, logical and objective reality in magical realism, a reality based on dreams and illusions.

We recommend this work to those who leave their minds to face the current reality and do not neglect imagination in life.


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