A painting by Ali Raz Ghandi with the dimensions 100x80 cm was created with acrylic on canvas.




Ali Razghandi


A painting by Ali Raz Ghandi with the dimensions 100×80 cm was created with acrylic on canvas.

It is an intertwining blue background, the color of peace and tranquility, with a paradoxical scene, but the forms do not express peace. The use of a red tone shows anger, anxiety, and terror. It is a sign of a world that is clean and peaceful. However, its people are looking for violence, war, and capture without attention to the surrounding blue color. The hands constantly try to get without any time to stop and ponder.

We recommend this artwork to those who give themselves a little time to relax and think in their busy and achievement-oriented world. People who float in blue nature of their world.

The current owner of this artwork is Ms. Mahdizadeh


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