After a 10-minute competition between 4 clients, Gustav Klimt's final masterpiece (Woman with a Fan; 1917-18) recorded a new price for an artwork by Klimt at an auction and became the most valuable work of art ever sold in a European auction.
A Filipino collector who sought one of Juan Luna's forgotten paintings for over a decade now puts it on public display for the first time in 134 years. This internationally renowned artist played an important role in the Philippines' independence.
The Treasures of the Iran Calligraphy Museum is A book published by the Tehran City Beautification Organization in 2021.
The History of Art History in France is a book by Lynne Terin about the beginning of teaching art history and archeology in France, which tries to clarify aspects of the history of art history. Here is an extraction of its introduction:
This series of online exhibitions is called “Seeing Clearly". We invite all artists to showcase their artworks globally so that we can discover your thoughts and inspirational moments leading to the creation of artwork.
The public relations of the Visual Arts Center reported that The fourth Photo Festival of FIVE holds at the Museum of Contemporary Arts. On Thursday evening, June 22nd, the festival and commemoration of Abbas Kiarostami was held at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Tehran.
According to the public relations report of the visual arts center of the art field, an exhibition of visual arts in the fields of painting, calligraphy-painting, and volumetric works is being held in the Ragadid Gallery located in the Revolution Cultural and Sports Club of Tehran. The event is called Did Art and uses an innovative and new structure.
Faezeh Abadi Researcher and Planner Sir Thomas Herbert, who was traveling in Iran in the year 1627 together with the British ambassador, has stayed at a heavenly royal garden in Qazvin today known as Taj Abad. The garden was irrigated by a small creek filled by the Qanat; it is still in the same manner […]